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Along with the exclusive design and full protection competence from the electrostatic discharge, the Drawer ESD Cabinets have the ability to offer you huge storage space that is perfect for the purpose of covering your entire demands. They are designed in such a wonderful manner that even though they will take very less space but provide you as much storage facility as you may check in any other drawer cabinet. After you critically examine these Drawer ESD Cabinets in depth, you will come to know that they are up to the mark and meet every global standard such as the resistance value between the 1.0 x 109 and 1.0 x 106 ohms. The working and durability of these drawer cabinets are beyond your expectations which will definitely cater you huge number of facilities.

Every model you select will give you several drawers to store the things you desire. All of these drawer cabinets are very suitable for various sorts of industries because even though they look smart, take very less space and can be put anywhere but they deliver huge capacity at the same time. Any one of them is ideal from the protection point of view as they meet the international standards of BIFMA and ANSI.

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